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I've come across some really interesting articles this week. Here's a quick list of things I'd highly recommend spending a few moments reading this weekend:

  • International Freelancer's Day - Sept 24-25, 2010
    • A free online conference, the only requirement is a quick registration. The thought of listening to "social media experts" is much out weighed by hearing Mike McDerment (of FreshBooks) speak.

  • EtherCodes - EtherPad for programming
    • Should be live at 2pm EST today.
  • Fixing Common Browser Issues: Dealing With Key Events
    • I've had this nagging issue with a key event, this helped shed a lot of light on it.
  • Css3 Generator
    • Even with all of the CSS3 resources available, I still found this to be to the point and helpful.
  • Everynote Site Memory - Another sharing button
    • As an Evernote user, I like the way you can customize this. You, the site owner, may select which parts of your page are clipped. You can even suggest which tags the resulting note gets!

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